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With Thanksgiving

November 20, 2013
BY AMY WITSCHEY - Editor ( , Wetzel Chronicle

This Thursday is the big day-Thanksgiving.

It is such a wonderful, unique, American holiday. We know the basis for it -Pilgrims, Indians, harvest, and thanks. They had a lot for which to give thanks. And so do we.

I am an avid Facebooker. If you are too, you know that during the month of November, many people give a daily "thankful for". For some reason I have never joined that movement. It's not because I'm not thankful; I am. In fact, I think it would be safe to say I?am thankful for something every day of the year. Sometimes I vocalize it -- audibly or in this online printed world that somehow now becomes a voice. (How many times have you said, "I heard. . .,"?when really you mean you read it on a computer?)

Yet for some reason I just can't seem to bring myself to give a numbered list for every little block on my November calendar. I think I simply have too much of my mother in me-she was a bit of a non-conformist. Honestly, I think all of her children have a bit of that rebellion in us.

I think I also find the "requirement" of it all to be too much of an unnecessary responsibility. I'd hate to fail at something so simple, though I think I surely would. Then I'd really look ungrateful!

Finally, I hate to number my blessings. I mean, who's to say which is #1 or #10? It might just be that on the first day I?was thankful for something seemingly silly. Then I'd just look like a weirdo or someone with completely skewed priorities.

Oh the pressure of it all!

(Insert silly emoticon smiley face here. Just so you know it's really a farcical angst.)

But seriously, I have so much for which to give thanks. There are the big things: faith, family, basic comforts. But there are also the little things. Lately I?find myself to be very thankful that no one in my family has a food allergy. I am thankful the Department of Highways picks up roadkill. I love that we are offered opportunities to recycle and people actually come to my curb to take away my trash. I think the best modern invention is running water. I love the thrill of watching a good sporting event-and the nachos or "taco in a bag" that accompany it. This area in which we live is wonderful--the people and the scenery. Despite its many flaws, I still think the United States of America is a blessed land of the free.

I really could go on and on. But instead, I'll try my best to live in a continual attitude of Thanksgiving. I hope you will too.

Make mental notes of things you appreciate. Tell people you appreciate them. Be thankful-this Thursday, during November, and always.



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