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We’ve Come To This?

October 16, 2013
BY AMY WITSCHEY - Editor ( , Wetzel Chronicle

I will be the first to admit, although a bit shamefully, that I am not the best at keeping up with national and international news. I have my hands full trying to keep up with Wetzel County and my household.

Couple a lack of time with a fair amount of skepticism that any national news source is fairly reporting the happenings of the day, and mostly I just give up. My husband keeps me abreast of some things, but he'll tell you that my doubt and questioning of the "facts" gets wearisome.

I remember my logic professor in college telling us that we should get a book from the library, "How To Lie With Statistics", to see just how the facts can be skewed. I think of that advice nearly every day in these trying times. While I didn't read the book, I see the results of the "facts" as they come across my desk: "West Virginians have a wide choice of health care" states one press release, while the next one says, "Only one insurance agency offers healthcare through Obamacare in West Virginians". Sound contradictory? They're both true. Spin it the way you want, hope the people buy it.

Article Photos

So I tend to believe first-hand accounts from people I know and trust. During the past few days a couple of my Facebook friends have shared first-hand photos and accounts of the government shut down.

I thought it was my duty to share these photos from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The scenic pull offs are closed, as are walking trails.

Really? We've come to this? No doubt the argument is for safety and trash control when there are fewer employees. Poor excuses for a variety of reasons if you ask me. First, a ranger told my friend that all of the park rangers are working. Second, those arguments speak more, I believe to the litigation-happy and careless nature that has infiltrated our society.

These photos anger me, but perhaps even more sadden me. They speak volumes of our government and our country in general. God heal our land.



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