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From Taylor Abbott

June 27, 2012
Wetzel Chronicle

I write you to express my genuine dissatisfaction and anger regarding Woodsfield resident Mr. Matt Koogler's sarcastic and belittling remarks in the Wetzel Chronicle concerning Clarington's Sunfish Creek Festival.

There are a number of points that I took particular offense to, but firstly I want to start with Mr. Koogler's hurtful and disrespectful remarks made toward "The Boat in the Attic." Though he found our museum in good taste (and I thank him for the compliment) it offends me greatly that he would insult, demean, and totally disrespect the work of two volunteers who not only devoted their own resources to having the book published but also their time. Never did I imagine such objectionable and unfound remarks come from a person such as Matt. It is one thing to constructively criticize an object, person, or point-of-view, but it is another to wholly disrespect the work of someone else and that is exactly what he has done. A work that, I might add, helped raise money for the river museum and is intended to peak a child's interest in the river and show how it has affected not only the way in which our nation grew but also the Ohio Valley.

Secondly, his sneering remarks concerning the level of poverty found within Clarington are nothing short of despicable. Ridiculing one's way of life might be his niche but it certainly is not mine. For someone I previously held in high regard, I now find him anything but after reading his letter. His insensitive words regarding those less fortunate who were actively trying to participate in an annual event to the best of their abilities could not have been any more horrendous.

Matt's words showed complete disregard for his underprivileged peers and a community of people. Furthermore, his comments regarding the food furnished by our local Methodist Church congregants were just as "tasteless" as the food he "choked" down.

Lastly, I want to say that I am a proud, lifelong resident of Clarington. To those he has chosen to insult, I choose to thank for all that they struggle and aim to do daily to make Clarington a better place and hope they will continue. Also, I would like to thank those who have supported our festival, museum, and the events held annually. His words, though insulting and discourteous as they may be, mean nothing to those who have done so much to bring our town together these past few years.

In the future, I hope his work is not subject to the same unjust and unwarranted criticisms that he has shown ours.

Taylor Abbott




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