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From Denver McMullen

June 13, 2012
Wetzel Chronicle

Courage. Webster describes courage as being brave, fearless, courageous. Most often we equate courage with acts by our military, but all of us are capable of such acts. Sometimes acts of courage are spontaneous, such as instantly going to the aid of a child in need and not thinking of the danger that may put us in.

On most other occasions, being courageous requires a conscious thought before we perform that act. It would have been an act of courage for our Governor and Attorney General to have added West Virginia. to the list of the many states who are bringing suit against the federal government in trying to abolish Obama care. The governors and attorney generals of those 20 some odd states acted with courage, it must be said, for they listened to the voices of their people and bucked the Federal mandate. Since it took a conscious thought not to join the other states in this suit, we must assume that our leaders in Charleston agree with the Federal government's effort to saddle the people with a burden not to their liking. Certainly not by their choice. While our junior senator has shown some modicum of courage by speaking out against the Obama energy policy regarding coal, as well as our Governor, it would appear that both of our senators and Governor for the most part are in sympathy with the Obama agenda, which most West Virginians reject! Our junior senator and Governor both hinted that they may not vote for Obama this fall! A hint is not an act of courage.

Denver McMullen




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