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Not Neutral

June 13, 2012
Wetzel Chronicle

While a Congressional Joint Resolution is not exactly a county issue, we must disagree with the Wetzel County Commission's decision to take a "neutral stance" on the issue.

It's not really an issue in which a neutral place is possible. When they rejected the idea to send a letter of support for S.J. Res. 37 to stop the Environmental Protection?Agency's Utility MACT rule, we believe it was a position of support for it.

If the EPA rule that will require expensive changes at coal- and oil-fired power plants passes, we doubt that the many local people who would likely lose their jobs will be neutral on the matter.

This may be a national political vote, but it is indeed very local and personal. Many of Wetzel County's residents derive their livelihood from recovering coal in the mines or converting it to electricity in the power plants.

Like so many issues, this one is largely split down the party lines. It can take some courage to speak against a party's overall stance, but sometimes it is necessary. We believe elected officials are supposed to represent their constituents and on this matter we think most would throw their support toward the resolution that works to stop the EPA from regulating them out of work.

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