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It’s Not Easy Being Green

April 25, 2012
Wetzel Chronicle

I have come to the conclusion that my life would be much more neat, simple, and easy if I just didn't care about the environment.

The sad part is, I am far from the "greenest" person you know. But I do try, particularly when it comes to recycling. I figure throwing a recyclable in the recylcing bin is just as easy as putting it in the trash can, right?

Well you'd think so, but it's just not quite true. First of all, I have to rinse recyclables. Rinsing also requires drying. Then they must make it to the recycling bin. Unfortunately these receptacles are not nearly as a abundant as trash cans - not in my house, my office, or life in general.

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For instance, I always remove some trash from my car when I put gas in the tank. Oddly enough, service stations don't put recycling receptacles at the pump - at least not regularly, but I do think I recall seeing such a thing once. So I throw the rest of my trash away and keep the aluminum cans and plastic bottles to be carried into my house - to be rinsed, dried, and recycled.

When I go from the car to house, I'm usually carrying a child or two, groceries or other purchases, a purse, a diaper bag, and who knows what else! Recyclables are usually the last on the scale of importance. So they might pile up in my car a bit...just a bit.

Speaking of piling up...the recycling in my house is doing that too. Ever since curb-side recycling in our area was discontinued, I have my own recycling center in my basement. The problem is getting the recyclables from my basement, into my car, and to the recycling center. My husband is increasing referring to my recycling as trash. I fear one day it will all be taken to the curb where now only the garbage truck comes for pick up.



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