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The Right Decisions

April 17, 2012
Wetzel Chronicle

The Wetzel County?Commission made the right decisions Tuesday morning in regard to the issue of campers at the 4-H grounds during the summer months when the area experiences a lot of usage for youth activities.

Not only is there the annual 4-H Camp, but we understand there will also be a band camp and some church camps held there. There is no need for any extra campers-out of state or otherwise-to be taking up residence there when such activities are going on.

Camps like those are times when kids are given the opportunity to just be kids. While caution should always be used in order to have a safe experience, a summer camp should be a sort of safe haven. The youth and their parents and counselors should not have to worry about other campers in their midst.

In the first paragraph we said decisions (plural) for a reason. We also think the commissioners handled their meeting well by making their decision known and reading a letter that was already prepared to tell campers they had until June 1 to vacate the grounds. So many times those running public meetings know they are going to do the right thing, but withhold their decision until the end-after the public is riled up about the subject. We think the commissioners did right to nip the controversy in the bud.



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