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Mountain Of A Mole Hill

April 11, 2012
Wetzel Chronicle

Not far from Wetzel County is the town of Mountain, W.Va. The little "map dot" hasn't always had that name. At one time it was known as "Mole Hill".

But then Hollywood came along with the Truth or Consequences and wanted to make a "Mountain" out of a "Mole Hill". The powers that be agreed to the change and the community that is really more of a valley than either a mountain or a mole hill, is still known by the "larger" name.

Every time we drive through that area, past the official state-issued sign, we can't help but wonder if the local regret that decision at the hands of an outsider. Did they wonder why they ever agreed to do such an odd thing for their 15 minutes of fame?

This week in Wetzel County there seems to be a mountain made out of a mole hill about the issue of prostitution. We're not sure how it all started, but once it did, those "big" media outlets sure did go with it. Could a little town like New Martinsville have a prostitution problem?! Could it be yet another "evil" of the gas industry?! Quite frankly, we're surprised someone didn't claim they could see or smell the ash or brimstone.

Don't get us wrong, New Martinsville and Wetzel County has its problems. The biggest one that we see and hear all the time is drugs. Prostitution isn't really on the radar. . . or at least it wasn't until lately.

The truth is that some age-old adages are true: Sex sells. Any press is good press. The world's oldest profession.

It just happens at this time we were the targets of those truths.

Does it exist? We're sure it does in some form or other. Is it wrong? Certainly. Do we have bigger problems? You bet.

So how about we stop talking about prostitution, educate ourselves about drugs, and move on?



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