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Let Denver McMullen

April 4, 2012
Wetzel Chronicle

History repeating.

Who among us could have imagined or foreseen the abysmal depth our Constitutional republic could have sunk to in just over three years?

The answer is that many saw the potential for this very thing happening but their voices were drowned out by the shrill cry of the progressive left and their minions in academia and the leftist media. What is the end game for all the anti- constitutional rhetoric and downright blasphemy against the American way of life and our values that we have cherished since our founding? Surely, even those whose sole goal in life is to live off the labor of others should see that something is amiss. These people I have referred to have been led to believe that due to their life situation, whatever their condition may be, perceived or otherwise, gives them the right to live their life at the expense of others. There is a grave danger to this way of thinking. Heretofore, we as a nation were able to afford this kind of public largess to support this group of individuals whose numbers have increased at an alarming rate over the past three-and-a-half year period! The danger is this. Those who are totally dependent on government for all their needs are chattel; a means to an end for those in power. Under the right conditions, as history has shown, there comes a time when these people become a liability to those who heretofore had wooed them onto the public rolls. In short, they no longer need them for their vote because they, "the ruling class" have amassed the power they need to accomplish their ends and these folks are now a liability to be discarded. History has shown how the tyrant deals with those who have nothing to offer. Stalin is a prime example. Those in academia and the media who believe they are of the privileged set were the first to go followed by the "You owe me class"!

In those countries occupied by Russia following WW2, a large percentage of those people mentioned above were liquidated. Those with nothing to offer weren't needed and those who thought of themselves as intellectuals, among that number were educators, journalists, and various media types. They were seen as a threat and likewise eliminated. Politics make strange bed fellows. Be careful who you sleep with!

Denver McMullen




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