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Tiny Stitches

March 28, 2012
Wetzel Chronicle

My mother, an avid quilter, may not have taught me her skill, but she certainly taught me the marks of a good quilt. I admire perfect points in quilt piecing. I can instantly tell the difference between hand and machine quilting. And I certainly know the value in tiny stitches--the mark of fastidious handiwork.

Maybe some of that attention to detail rubbed off on me as I played so often as a child under the quilting frames while my mom, aunt, friend, and friend's daughter chatted and moved their quilting needles up and down overhead.

Maybe that's the reason I get obsessed over little things sometimes. That was the case last week when I was asked to take a photo of the quilt the Rebecca Circle of the New Martinsville United Methodist Church was raffling. Most reporters would have simply taken the photo and the information and put it together for an easy piece in the paper. It would be the appropriate thing to do.

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But no, I couldn't just do that. To me the quilt had a good back story that was begging to be told. Sure, the fact that my mom and those other ladies I mentioned earlier were involved, as was my husband's grandmother, made it more interesting. But beyond that, it was a piece of history that shouldn't have just been given away like a game ball. I wanted the eventual quilt owner to appreciate its handiwork and the rest of us to remember the ladies who made it.

So I sent some messages and made some calls. I had fun tracing the Rock Port Sewing Circle, learning of the building's story, and seeing the photos. I hope you will too as you look at the story linked on this page.



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