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I’m No Dorothy Hamill

February 8, 2012
Wetzel Chronicle

Joellen has been asking to go ice skating for a while. Sure, our weather hasn't been cold enough to create a natural skating rink, but Wheeling Park always has one ready for making figure eights. Well, that is if you can actually make a figure eight on those thin blades.

Luckily on Saturday Joellen and I were ready to enter the rink just as a girl was exiting with a neat plastic "helper". It's kind of like a walker for skaters. We gladly took the device off of her hands and scooted along without much incident. After a few laps Joellen said she didn't like ice skating. "Why?" I asked.

"Because I'm not very good at it and everyone else is better than me," she replied.

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"Most of them are better at skating than me too. Besides, they're older than you and they probably come here every Saturday," I said as one girl skated a circle around us.

"Do you know who you're a better skater than?" I asked.

"Who?" she asked, obviously anxious to know the answer.

"People who don't even try to skate."

"Well yeah, you're always better at something than people who don't even try!" she replied with a bit more pep.

We kept skating, if you can indeed call it that. Eventually we took a break. Joellen was ready to turn in her skates. I went out for a solo lap or two sans any aid to keep me upright. Once around and my ankles said it was time to go.



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