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Resolution Breaker

January 4, 2012
Wetzel Chronicle

I just might be the worst New Year's resolution keeper ever. It was only Jan. 2 when I had already violated one of my goals. Even worse, I didn't even realize it until my sister questioned my action. Pathetic.

I guess that's why I never make New Year's resolutions.

While I know I don't have much will power, I always blame my lack of making resolutions on Jan. 1 to a belief that it is just another day and besides, a person can make a change in her life whenever she decides to do so.

But this year I had three goals in mind for 2012:

-Pay more attention to the country of origin on goods I want to purchase and try my best to make sure the ones I select are made in the USA.

-Scrapbook more because it makes me happy and preserves memories

-Keep the cobwebs off the treadmill in my basement (even if it means I actually dust it!).

They're not difficult goals. They aren't even very measurable. They're more like lifestyle changes. . . hopes for the coming year.

So what did I do on Jan. 2 that already made me a failure?

Well, the story starts like this: I hadn't put a snow scraper in my car yet this winter. When I did have a little frost, I'd use a plastic card from my wallet. But Monday evening when I went to leave work the snow and ice on my windshield was too solid for my flimsy press ID. I was afraid to use a CD case because I had done that on my past vehicle and left behind some scratches.

So I drove carefully across the street (yes, I know I could have walked, but it was cold and icy-the conditions that created my need) to Walmart to look for an ice scraper.

The first one I came across was one of those nifty mitt-attached kind. I'd always sort of wanted one of those. So I picked it off of the hanging display my husband calls candy racks for adults. Just a step or so away I found the motherload of ice scrapers. I started to reach for another mitt-attached scraper to compare, but then I saw the prices--approximately $3 versus $9. I made my hand retreat and bebopped to the cashier, threw away the packaging in his trash can, and went to the parking lot to clean off my windshield.

When I got to my destination I told my sister about my purchase.

"Was it made in America?" she quickly asked, knowing my New Year's resolution.

"Uhhhh. . . I don't know," I sadly admitted.

I had failed already. I still don't know, but I can only guess that it wasn't. I mean really, would you make a mitt-attached ice scraper for only $3? I wouldn't.

It's too late to right that wrong. But I really am going to try to pay more attention. . . and scrapbook. . . and use my treadmill. Really I am.



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