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More Than We Know

January 4, 2012
Wetzel Chronicle

Like any job where people have to deal with the public, our local law enforcement officers must put up with a lot of harassment. There are always people who don't think they do enough or think an action they took wasn't the right one. Unfortunately it comes with any job in the public eye--especially one where their employers are really the people, the taxpayers, the citizens.

While we don't know all the ins and outs of the law enforcement business (if you can call it a business), we might have a bit more insight than the average citizen since we deal with matters of the law regularly with our coverage of court proceedings and public meetings.

We believe our local officers do a fine job. We think it is great that the New Martinsville Police Department and Wetzel County Sheriff's Department were recently recognized by AAA as part of their Community Traffic Safety Program. To win the award the departments had to conduct traffic safety promotions and educate the public on safety topics. In other words, they had to be proactive and they had to go above doing only what is necessary in their line of work.

The next time you want to say something negative about our local officers, take a moment and ask yourself if, in your job, you are proactive and do more than is necessary. (We hope you do.) Then stop and think if you know enough about the officers' daily tasks to make a judgement. You probably don't.

Thank you, local law enforcement officers, for putting your lives on the line and taking care of us. We appreciate your efforts.



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