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From Mike Cozart

December 21, 2011
Wetzel Chronicle

To the Editor:

This letter is to address the two dogs abandoned on Thanksgiving evening in the state Route 89/state Route 2 intersection. I saw the dogs in the day time, assuming they belonged to someone. It was over four hours later, when my wife was driving home and saw them in the exact same spot. The two dogs were standing in the middle of the road in the cold dark looking very lost. When she pulled off the road and called them, they immediately ran to her car with tails wagging, so happy that someone was stopping to help them. I arrived about 15 minutes later to help her. The dogs were bedding down in the high grass along the front of her vehicle amongst all the trash and litter people throw out there, just happy that someone was there. When a diesel vehicle drove by they would perk up and look to see who it was. These dogs were very dirty, very skinny, and had ticks all over them. They were diagnosed with Lyme disease.

I just want to say that someone who can throw out their dogs or cats along the road and drive away from them, in my opinion, is nothing but a coward and deserves to be prosecuted. Take care of your pets or don't get them!

Mike Cozart




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