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From Pam Fitzsimmons

December 13, 2011
Wetzel Chronicle

I do not have a gas well in Wetzel County, but I hope to in Tyler County. In response about bad water, bad roads, and heavy traffic, I have mixed feelings about what will be coming to the people where I own mineral rights. I know that just me holding out will not stop the drilling and I don't know that I want to hold out, as my grandfather left these mineral rights to my family.

I know that all of this is disturbing, I live in the middle of it, on Doolin Road in Wetzel County. I have not been able to sit on my porch for three to four years and I worry about my husband in the front yard mowing and trimming. It is not the heavy traffic, but the black diesel fumes belching from most of these trucks.

We put on a new metal roof in 2007 and it is black from these belching trucks, along with anything that is outside: the house, vehicles, grass, animals. Just name it, and it is oily. Definitely diesel exhaust. It is so thick at times that if you are outside your eyes will burn and cause you to actually choke. We live in this narrow valley on Doolin Road with no place for these fumes to go. But, the next question is: How do we get

this diesel exhaust off? It just keeps building up!

Isn't there a law in West Virginia for exhaust standards on all vehicles? If not, why not?

I moved to Doolin in 1978 and we had stinking well water with sulphur from a well drilled on the property years ago. I learned to drink it and bath in it until Grandview-Doolin water became available. So this is one problem that is not new and some of the problems we need to learn to live with. Trucks holding up traffic for hours is unacceptable and if citizens tried that trick we would be in jail.

This gas drilling has been going on for several years now, but it has only just begun and it will be a lifetime for some of us. Let's get this right!

Pam Fitzsimmons

New Martinsville



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