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Felici Yamidah!

December 7, 2011
Wetzel Chronicle

If you think "Felici Yamidah' means "Merry Christmas" in Mexican. . . you might be a redneck . . . or my five-year-old daughter.

Well, she actually knows it's Spanish, not Mexican, so she might have one up on the redneck. But she still can't pronounce it correctly, try as she and I may for her to get it right. As soon as she sings it, she goes right back to "Felici Yamidah!"

And you know what? It's music to my ears. I've always said the sound of her singing is one of my favorite sounds. Sure, I'm biased; I know it.

But I do love to hear children sing. There is such an innocence and joy to them. They are unaffected by any training or influence of how they think they should sound. When you catch them singing to themselves, completely unaware that anyone might be listening, it's just bliss.

This was the situation earlier this week when I heard her version of Deck the Halls. In it she wants us to "Dawn we now our day of carols." I think that's a pretty good idea.

I absolutely love Christmas music and look forward to the season when it's acceptable to play it outside of the confines of my home where I secretly slip a Christmas disc in the player during months other than December. (Gasp!)

So at least for the next 18 days I'll be singing along with the sounds of the season. But occasionally I'll stop to listen and see if I can pick up any alternate lyrics from a certain five-year-old who might be a redneck.



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