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Angel With One Wing

(Part 1 of 4)

November 30, 2011
Wetzel Chronicle

You first need to believe that angels really exist. You also must believe angels sometimes come from beyond the clouds and travel to earth when we need them. If you hear a soft, fluttering sound when you are frightened or lonely, look over your shoulder and you just may catch a glimpse of an angel. Some say angels came into being for the benefit of mankind.

We each realize that we face many difficult events throughout our lives. Our fragile bodies can become broken and feel pain. But it is when our spirit becomes injured that angels are often seen. I'll bet you did not know that angels also can be injured. No, not in body, but in spirit they sometimes can feel pain. This is the story of an angel named Emma and her journey to find healing for her spirit and help a man on a lonely mountainside to find his spirit.

Emma was not your typical Angel. She was short for her age. Most angels by the age of 400 years were nearly full grown. Emma was still a head shorter than all the other angels. Her long, bright, red hair, flowed down over the shoulders of her robe and set her apart from all the other angels she knew. She sometimes tried to fit her hair inside of her halo to hide its bright red color. But the soft glow of the halo just made her hair seem even brighter. The other angels would remind her that it made her halo sit slightly crooked above her head. Rule Number 47; No angel shall misplace or misalign their halo at any time.

The other angels watched as one afternoon she sat quietly looking into a clear pool of water at the many freckles on her face. She held her hand over the freckles to try and hide them from her eyes. She then took her sleeve and tried hard to rub them away. But try as she may, the red freckles would not disappear from her skin. Even when she closed her eyes and vanished into air she knew her freckles and red hair would still be there when she reappeared. Other angels did not make fun or laugh at Emma, but she felt as though she did not fit in.

In 400 years, she had never been called once to visit earth and help anyone. All the other angels had heard their names called from someone that needed their help. But she had never heard her name called even one time. When she asked the other angels why, they explained her time would come. Perhaps the first person she will be called on to help has not needed her yet.

She had closed her eyes and journeyed to earth on occasion to see what it was like. Each time, voices filled her head with noise like she had never heard before. Millions upon millions of voices all talking at one time were impossible for her to interpret. Were they talking to her? Were they asking for help? She could not know the answers when so many voices spoke at once. She could see loneliness and pain, but it was lost in the madness of the voices. How could she help if she could not understand the prayers for help? The only way the confusion disappeared was to return home from where she had come.

There was one other thing that separated Emma from all the other angels, she had only one wing. All the other angels had two wings. Some were magnificent in strength and size on the largest and strongest of the angels. Other angels were very delicate and graceful in their makeup and moved softly in the air. Emma always only had one wing. It was not smooth and soft like the others. It was stiff and course in texture. It even had a few red spots that looked like freckles on the tips. Emma kept it tucked in close to her body so the other angels would not stare.

In truth, the only angel that seemed to notice the difference was Emma. The others felt her pain and understood she was unhappy. But their mission was for the betterment of mankind. No angel could solve Emma's problem but herself.

One day, Emma was sitting near the clear pool of water and her thoughts were of herself, much as they always were. Emma was surrounded by the light that was always there. Not sunlight, but the warm light that surrounded her in this place above the clouds. Shadows were never seen in this place of constant light. From behind her a great shadow fell over her and across the still water. The loss of light sent a cold chill through the angel. Emma became frightened; she had never felt the darkness before in her world of constant light. On the dark surface of the water, she could see the refection of a great angel standing behind her.

Emma cowered from the angel and hid her face in her hands. A hand gently touched her shoulder, "Emma, be unafraid, I have come as you asked." Emma was puzzled by the angel's words, but she was no longer in fear. As she turned and looked up, the light returned as she saw his broad smiling face. "Who, Who are you?" Why have you come to me? I am just a lowly angel and I have nothing to offer to our wondrous purpose."

The great angel sat down beside Emma and pointed into the pool of water. Emma could see herself and then she heard the words she had earlier whispered to her reflection, "Please let me find why I am an angel?"

The angel took his hand and lifted Emma's face toward his, "It is not often an angel asks for help through prayer, but I have come to answer yours." Emma looked at the angel with a puzzled gaze. "I didn't mean for anyone to hear that, we are angels and are supposed to answer prayers, not make them."

"We have watched you for a great, long time. You are good, but you have not found your way. Emma you must listen with your heart and not you ears. In your heart you will hear the prayers of those who need you. It is important you listen for your name to be called. On this night, you will be needed. A young man has become lost and will ask for your help. If you do not hear him he will be lost inside of his own darkness." Then the great angel smiled and faded into the light.

The small angel was now more afraid than ever. What must she do? How can she hear with just her heart a single voice that would call for help on this special night? She closed her eyes and concentrated harder than she ever had before.

She began to feel the light inside her and, as she did, in her mind came the images of darkness and violence. Through all of the noise of war, she heard the words, "Please help me."



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