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Breaking The Silence

October 19, 2011
Wetzel Chronicle

Without going into the extensive details, our household has been going through a rather difficult patch this week. Joellen had a minor medical procedure done that rendered her unlike her normal perky self. In fact, she wouldn't talk.

My world fell eerily silent. She only communicated in grunts. On top of that, she didn't eat or drink. Finally, after many prayers and tears, on the second day she drank some and by that evening she ate a little. But she still refused to talk.

I've always said Joellen was put on this earth to spread joy, but that joy was gone from my now silent world. Then on the third day, Sunday, something wonderful happened-she began to sing a silly song. She could talk! She was amazed. She sang some more and danced a jig. I don't think she's stopped talking yet.

She told my sister Betsy, "Many people were praying and praying for me, then all of a sudden I could talk! God doesn't want people to hurt." Amen.



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