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From Brent and Donna Ferrell

October 12, 2011
Wetzel Chronicle

To the Editor:

Why are some parents delaying or omitting vaccinations in lieu of the autism epidemic?

Children today are given more than double the vaccinations we once received, the first of many on the day they are born. Some vaccines still contain trace amounts of a mercury preservative called thimerosal, and most vaccinations now contain a human diploid cell.

Are you aware that not all doctors support all vaccinations for all children? We know that mercury is never safe, and that "trace" level of exposure from the vaccination may be over-exposure if all other sources of contamination were considered. . . i.e. mercury in water, food sources, air or skin exposure from any broken fluorescent lightbulb, etc. We know that mercury causes brain damage as only one of its plethora of ills.

We know that mercury isn't safe, but what about that human diploid cell? By far, the most glaring example of the "dumbing-down" of the vaccination issue has to do with vaccinations containing the human diploid cell. Most physicians and health care workers remain ignorant of this fact and often when they are made aware, it is dismissed immediately. Just what is a "human diploid cell?"

In the past, vaccinations were made using animal cells, such as chick embryos. Today, many vaccinations are created using human diploid cells. . . in layman's terms "aborted fetal cells." Some scientists have ethical or scientific concerns as extraneous human DNA is now being injected into our children. An ethical concern is that a human diploid cell is obtained through an elective abortion which many would say is murder of a fellow human being. The scientific concern is that animal DNA does not insert itself into the human genome (or genes), but that human DNA does have the ability to insert itself into our genome. To consider the ramifications of this as well as a possible autism link that is not being investigated by the pharmaceutical companies or the medical industry as a whole, go to and click on June 2009 Newsletter under the education link.

Unfortunately, many health care workers have been trained to dismiss the public's concerns out-of-hand, often using intimidation and false assurances. We advocate for 100 percent ethical and safe vaccinations. We urge parents to check the inserts and/or packaging for the vaccination themselves to determine ingredients. Remember, the villains are those refusing to investigate any and all risk factors, not those that are exposing them.

Brent and Donna Ferrell




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