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Definitely On A Tuesday

October 12, 2011
Wetzel Chronicle

My dad was a big fan of Jim Comstock, the founder of the weekly West Virginia Hillbilly newspaper. Once I was in this weekly newspaper business my dad would often say to me, "Jim Comstock always said when Jesus returned it would be on a Friday (I hope I have the day right) -- the day the West Virginia Hillbilly went to press."

I would always smile and give a little chuckle, knowing the exact sentiment. You see, in a weekly newspaper everything comes down to the day, or two, before the paper goes to print. There's really no good way around it. There are deadlines and then work to be done. It all gets crammed together. So around here that press day is Tuesday.

I always tell people I am not available for much of anything on a Tuesday-and preferably not on a Monday either. This isn't just for the usual workday, but the entire day. It must be devoted to work if there's going to be a newspaper on Wednesday.

Of course that singular devotion is not always possible. Life has a way of happening when you don't plan for it.

For instance, this week I got a call from Joellen's teacher on Tuesday morning. Joellen was sick, so I went to the school to pick her up. While we had a couple options for her care, she wanted to go home and I wasn't going to tell my sniffling teary-eyed girl that wasn't possible. So we went home for a bit. It was, after all, the lunch break I don't usually take on Tuesday.

She began feeling better and my sister Betsy, also a bit under the weather, volunteered to brave the germs and take care of her for the rest of the day.

I got to return to work and finish up this newspaper you now have in your hands. I certainly am thankful for the ability to take a moment for my family and thankful for my family to enable this working habit, but I must admit reading Disney books in different voices was more fun on a Tuesday.

It makes complete sense that the first day my daughter gets sick at school and needs some extra attention is on a Tuesday. It falls in with Jim Comstock's theory.

I completely believe he was right, but he had the day wrong. When Jesus returns it will be on a Tuesday. I am certain of it. After all, the incredibly rare recent east coast earthquake was on a Tuesday and 9-11 was on a Tuesday. Maybe you don't remember the day of those events, but I do. If it's monumental or catastrophic, it will happen on a Tuesday. . . I'm sure of it.



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