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Doughboy Is Delightful

September 21, 2011
Wetzel Chronicle

Some say West Virginians' blood runs blue and gold, although Marshal University loyalists would probably disagree. Perhaps a more accurate statement would be that we bleed red, white, and blue. We have long been the most patriotic state, based upon the number of our young men and women who serve in the military. We love our country and appreciate the freedoms it provides. Our motto even incorporates that concept: Mountaineers are always free.

I think our patriotism only makes sense as our state was formed on the concept that we can disagree with government, assert our own opinions, and excercise our rights. In short, we can fight for freedom.

I guess it also seems logical that a quiet yet powerful film on the subject of appreciating veterans originated in West Virginia.

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Doughboy, a film about a teenager who gets in trouble for vandalizing a war memorial statue and is sentenced to do community service at a veterans home, premiered in Wheeling Aug. 18. It is currently being shown at Valley Cinema 3 in New Martinsville.

My husband and I went to see it Sunday and I recommend it to everyone-young and old, patriotic and those yet to be patriotic. While I'm not a movie critic, I thought it was very well done and, most of all, a wonderful story. It was very moving; I do believe I wiped away a tear or two. It was also refreshing that, to my recollection, it did not contain a single word of foul language.

Sure, it may not be the kind of thing Hollywood clamors for (even though it is getting some good press), it is just right for patriotic Mountaineers. There are times scheduled through Sept. 28. Go see it.

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