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From Danny Garrison

August 31, 2011
Wetzel Chronicle
Inmates at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex are asking that the warden and deputy warden be supportive in having a fund raiser to assist in the cost of television cable service.

CATV is not a free service for the inmate population, as it is being paid from the inmate benefit fund (IBF). The IBF is a fund established by legislature and is funded by the inmates and other special groups, and not by tax payers of this state.

As of July 15, all inmates who owned a TV were required to surrender $3 per month for cable service. However, inmates who received O/I are being subjected to a 23 percent theft of their monthly O/I payment.

The average person on the street, working at a minimum wage job and paying 23 percent of their earnings for CATV would cost them $264.80 per month for CATV.

This is the reason we are asking that the warden and his staff support the fund raiser and to establish a good foundation for our IBF to take care of our needs at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex without the inmates being robbed of their money.


Danny Garrison

Mt. Olive, W.Va.


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