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From Celia Johnson

August 10, 2011
Wetzel Chronicle
I am a member of the congregation of the Lord’s church that meets at Proctor each Lord’s day.

Recently, there was a “movie” released and shown at the Lincoln Theater that I object to very much. First and foremost, it was told to me by members of the church who went to see it, how filthy the language was. That being the reason I did not see it.

Part of this “movie” was filmed at our church. It is a beautiful place sitting on the Ohio River and makes for some fine scenes. They did not use the sign or make reference to the Church of Christ, but what I object to, is when they rolled the credits, I’m told they had some members’ names and the Proctor Church of Christ named there.

The Lord’s church does not link itself to that kind of filth.

Celia Johnson



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