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From Denver McMullen

August 10, 2011
Wetzel Chronicle
When Barack Obama signs into law the belated effort by Congress to address the debt situation, he will do so gleefully, and why not? His stated effort to fundamentally change our nation is near completion. Why shouldn’t he be exalted? Both houses of Congress are now neutered and are now replaced by a cabal or the American version of the politburo!

Twelve members of congress will have powers vested in them by their peers that will give them unfettered power to act in all matters unrestrained by their peers. In other words, we are no longer a sovereign Nation! Those in leadership will say this is untrue and there will be proper restraints on them. Remember the words of Nancy Pelosi, you must pass the bill to know what’s in it! Look at what that got us! It is the nature of the beast to accumulate power and their power is buried, hidden in the debts of the bill.

We will only know the full extent of their power when it is too late. During the debt talks Speaker Boehner constantly raised the specter of default, knowing this was not going to happen because we are Constitutionally obliged to pay our debts and we as a nation take in enough money monthly to honor that debt and to fund the essential parts of government. Other parts of government would be affected, but there would be no default. By using this as a ploy to get this legislation through, the speaker was just as guilty of fear mongering as the democrats! And to what end? Many in both houses held to their patriotic principals and voted no. They are to be commended. While some held their nose and voted in favor, the majority voted to accept based on party persuasion. I’m of the opinion that those who held their nose and voted yes were trying not to smell the stench of death of our Republic! In addressing the Republican members prior to the vote, Boehner stated he had stuck his neck out during the negotiations as if to say he was under great duress or even in danger. Funny, but I didn’t see the danger. Our founders did when they exposed their necks to King George 111! As a life-long republican and conservative I am want to find anything redeeming in the democrat party and it pains me to say this. A pox on the house of Boehner and all republicans who supported this bill for they have served to Barack Hussein Obama the keys to the kingdom on a silver platter!

Denver McMullen




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