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General Musings

August 10, 2011
Wetzel Chronicle
In a little over one week, the schools in Wetzel County will be filled with students. Many will have new backpacks filled with crisp notebooks and fresh pencils. Some will have clothes from which the tags have just been cut. It’s a time of life that is very poignant as children embark on a new year. They will have different teachers and lessons, maybe even new friends.

But this last week or so is also an important time. It is the last chance for kids and parents to squeeze every last drop out of this season we call summer. Sure, summer officially lasts a bit longer, as does the warm weather. But we all know that when the school bell rings, the weekday activities are limited to school and related functions.

So in these last few days, I hope many of you find the time to take a day trip somewhere fun, visit the pool, have a picnic, go to an amusement park, or just savor your time at home. The hands of the clock don’t go backward and your children are growing up. Savor every moment.


It’s rather convenient that the last full week without school is also the week of Town and Country?Days. Wetzel County’s week-long fair is an official vacation for many people and at least a time of fun and visiting for others who just enjoy the evenings and weekends on the fairgrounds.

My childhood always included Town an Country?Days. It’s a tradition that is just about the most fun a kid can have in Wetzel County.


One final note, I can’t even begin to comment on our nation’s debt situation. Honestly, I just don’t have time to pay attention to it all. However, I did really like the way financial expert Dave Ramsey explained our situation: “If the US Government were a family and their household income was $55,000 per year, they’d actually be spending $96,500—$41,500 more than they made! That means they’re spending 175 % of their annual income! So, in 2011 they’d add $41,500 of debt to their current credit card debt of $366,000!” Oh my!


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