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Momma’s Boy -- Daddy’s Girl

June 15, 2011
Wetzel Chronicle
There are daddy’s girls and momma’s boys. That’s the way it is. . . at least generally. There is a real reason those familiar monikers exist.

I?know it was true in my family. My brother was my mom’s favorite child and I think it’s safe to say my sisters and I adored my dad.

Until now I’ve only known the stereotype from the child’s perspective. But on April 5 I was blessed with a baby boy—Andrew Walter Witschey. At this point he’s too young to develop too deep of a relationship with me, but it’s safe to say I love and adore him, as I do my daughter Joellen.

I’m a fairly girly girl, so I can relate well to Joellen. We like to shop. I love it when she plays with dolls and dresses up in frilly dresses. She would make cupcakes with me every day if I’d let her. Listening to Disney soundtracks and dancing are also a favorite pastime.

So now here is this little boy and I can’t help but wonder what we’ll get into together as he grows. Will I learn to like monster trucks and bulldozers? Tanks and trains? I just can’t see it. However I?can see us attending sporting events together as I do love that activity. Joellen simply tolerates it in order to eat nachos or a taco-in-a-bag while she watches the cheerleaders do their gymnastics.

Whatever this boy adventure brings, I’m sure I’ll follow gladly has he’ll undoubtedly have me wrapped around that little finger. He already does.

My other parental perspective on the stereotype is to watch my husband Daniel and Joellen interact. She loves spending time with her daddy and I think that love has only increased with the presence of Andrew. Because I’m often busy with the business of a new baby, she goes to him more for attention and that’s okay by me. I love watching them together.

It warms my heart to see her crawl up on his lap to listen to a book and their laughter in the midst or horseplay is music to my ears. Yes, she’ll undoubtedly be a daddy’s girl, even though that breaks my heart just a little.

So as we approach Father’s Day I?can’t help but think about the beautiful father-daughter dynamic that is developing in our household and ponder the special father-son relationship that will also come in time. But neither should be taken for granted. As American educator Reed Markham once said, “Being a great father is like shaving. No matter how good you shaved today, you have to do it again tomorrow.”

Happy Father’s Day!

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