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June 23, 2010
Wetzel Chronicle

On Sunday morning my father-in-law, Walter Witschey, succumbed to the cancer that had taken root in his body approximately six months ago.

He fought the disease, but it finally won-as we knew this particular kind would eventually. So for the past few days the family has been busy with funeral preparations and calling hours. (So if you see more mistakes than usual in this edition of the Wetzel Chronicle, please forgive me.)

Hearing the condolences and memories has been quite wonderful, and a couple comments have been resonating with me.

Many people have said, "Walter Witschey was always the same-consistent with everyone." Wow, what a statement!

I think there are very few people who truly don't let any personal feelings influence their actions and reactions to people. It's just human nature, but I certainly admire that Walter was able to rise above that mentality.

I also liked how one person viewed Walter's work-which was his life. He was a builder who erected, remodeled, and repaired many homes and other structures in the area. One visitor at the funeral home called those "monuments" to him.

Walter did good work and passed those skills on to my husband. When I first started dating Daniel many people would say to me, "He and his dad do good work." I figured so many testimonies couldn't be wrong. The more I was around them and their worksites, I found the proof.

Those monuments of Walter's will undoubtedly be good symbols of his work ethic and skill for years to come.

In the last few days I have been busy finding photos and preparing them for display. Other than his family,?Walter's other love was evident in the photo albums-farming. There were numerous photos of him with cattle. One in particular was my favorite. I dubbed it "Walter Von Trapp" as the rolling hills in the background and his rather proper attire reminded me of The Sound of Music.

We found in the family archives a story from the Wetzel Republican where at the brave age of 12 he plunked down the membership fee and joined the Wetzel County Hereford Breeders Association. He obviously took his farm work seriously.

Walter Witschey worked hard, treated people fairly, was kind to animals, and loved his family. He will be missed.



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