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How Do You Decide?

April 14, 2010
Wetzel Chronicle

After attending two candidate forums in as many days and seeing maybe a total of 100 people in attendance, I keep wondering how voters decide for who they will cast their ballot. It is pretty obvious it isn't from personal interaction.

To my knowledge there was only one other candidate forum in this county and while I didn't attend it, I doubt the attendance at that event could have tripled or doubled the total number of Wetzel Countians who met the candidates in person.

In 2008 there were 12,146 registered voters in Wetzel County. If there is an abysmal 40 percent voter turnout, that means 4,858 of you will cast a ballot, but only six percent of you may have attended a candidate forum.

So how do the remaining 94 percent decide? We try our best to give good election coverage. We offer candidates one free announcement of candidacy. We mail questions to candidates (if you don't have your by now, call us) and print them in a question and answer format in the two issues before the election. However, sometimes there is no litmus test like personal interaction.

For instance, I am still undecided in one race as the candidates mostly share the same ideology. In my estimation the difference is in representation. I want my vote to go to the person that I think will represent me the best and for that there is nothing like hearing them do some public speaking, think on their feet, talk with the public.

Whatever your method of discerning the right candidates, please take the time to make an informed choice.



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