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Say A Prayer

November 13, 2008
Wetzel Chronicle
I so appreciate the work and dedication of our country’s military personnel. That is a job I cannot fathom doing and I am so glad there are those willing to sacrifice their time and energy for our country and its residents.

A while back a man who attends the same church as me was sent to Kuwait.

My sister mentioned that she wanted to pray for his safety regularly, but had a hard time remembering to do so until she thought of a unique way to remind her of his plight, thus urging her to pray for him.

She said, “It’s hot, very hot, over there. So every time I put on antiperspirant I think if Mike and say a prayer for him.” I laughed, but began doing the very same thing. It works—at least the reminder and the prayer do, I guess the deodorant’s potency is up to others to decide.

It may be unorthodox, but if I can remember to pray for my friend and all of the troops, I’ll keep on doing it. And I hope you will too!


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