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All Or Nothing?

October 27, 2008
Wetzel Chronicle

I couldn't help but be a bit disturbed by some statements made by Congressman Alan Mollohan Monday afternoon at the opening ceremonies for the Wetzel County Democratic Headquarters.

Now before I get into this concern, please note that I don't believe it has anything to do with a particular political party. It just happened to come from a Democrat at a Democrat function. It probably could have happened similarly if the situation had been Republican, Constitution, Mountain, or Independent.

Here's what happened. . .

Mollohan was making a speech about how our nation needs good leadership and he believes his party's presidential ticket offers the change our country needs. He said the race would get uglier as the election approaches and said the opposite party is known for using a mud-slinging campaign in the last days. He mentioned a few past examples, laughed, and said, "Now they all couldn't have been bad candidates."

He's right. Not all candidates from any one party are bad.

Then he continued. . .

After speaking for a while longer, the congressman finished up his speech by saying he trusts the people of Wetzel County will do like they always do. . . be informed voters that will elect the best people for the jobs. . . and vote Democrat from top to bottom.

Wait a minute, I thought. If they can't all be bad, the opposite has to be true too. They can't all be good.

An election should not be about Democrat, Republican, or any other group. It is about selecting the right person for the job. They may be a Democrat. They may be a Republican. They may have absolutely no political affiliation but are truly the best qualified, most sincere candidate out there.

I don't think generalizations are ever true and I don't believe anyone should ever vote a straight ticket, at least not mindlessly. If after you have truly researched the issues and candidates and found that you believe every Republican is the best or every Democrat is the best in this upcoming election, then vote your mind. But please, don't vote mindlessly.

Not all _________ are bad and not all _________ are good.



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