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Chicken or the Egg Shell?

June 7, 2017 A short time back, Earl and I went to breakfast at Quinet’s. Mary and Connie had decided that they wanted to take a quick shopping trip to the mall. more »»

Dirty Story

May 24, 2017 Having grown up in the country before they outlawed getting dirty, I was an expert on dirt. Anything under my feet or on my clothes was considered dirt. more »»

Seeds For Sale

May 10, 2017 Back in the early 60s, I began my career of becoming an independent entrepreneur. I don’t often get a chance to use such a word as, entrepreneur, but it means businessperson, tycoon or capitalist. more »»

Weekly Reader

April 26, 2017 Back in the 60s, when I was growing up, a type of newspaper for kids would arrive at my home each week. When school began, kids were offered, for a small fee, a subscription to this published paper. more »»

Spring Peepers

March 29, 2017 The middle of last week the television weather reporter proclaimed, “We have seen the last morning, we will wake up to, of temperatures in the teens. more »»

Daffodils And Half Runners

March 8, 2017 Last week, as the last days of February were fading, I noticed — on the warm side of the hill near our home — daffodils in bloom. Their bright yellow faces were turned up toward the warmth of the sun. more »»

Catalog Dreams

February 22, 2017 I grew up in a time when the world of commerce was printed on the glossy pages of a mail order catalog. I can remember waiting for the spring Sears and Roebuck catalog to arrive. more »»

St. Kitts

February 15, 2017 My story this week is about the last island we visited on our Caribbean Adventure. It is St. Kitts and is an island in what is known as the West Indies. more »»

Puerto Rico

February 8, 2017 Last week I told you of our recent Caribbean cruise. Our trip gave us the opportunity to visit six different islands during our 12 day trip. more »»

Our Great Caribbean Adventure

February 1, 2017 Mary and I recently returned from our great adventure at sea. We were accompanied by our friends, Connie and Earl Yost. more »»

The Blue Chili Bean Special: Part Two

January 25, 2017 Charlie’s trip to his doctor and his adventure on the treadmill were now behind him; it was time to regain his physical health. He decided the best way was to cycle his way back to health. more »»

The Blue Chili Bean Special: Part One

January 18, 2017 Editor’s Note: Chuck Clegg provided us with this story from his archives; thus, you might recognize it from several years ago. It’s a two-parter, so next week will include the conclusion of the story. more »»

Color Of The Year

January 11, 2017 One year ago, as 2016 was beginning, I took notice of a story in the evening news. It told of the announcement by Pantone that it had picked the colors for the year — Rose Quartz and Serenity. more »»

A Letter For Our Future

December 28, 2016 We have come to the end of another year. Those that know of such things tell us, with each passing year, we become more in touch with the world around us. more »»

A Christmas Tree’s Story: Part 2 of 2

December 21, 2016 All his life, the Blue Spruce has known his purpose. From the moment his roots first felt the cool soil, until this morning when the sun warmed his exposed roots, he knew his role in the worl. more »»

A Christmas Tree’s Story

December 14, 2016 How do I tell you my story? After all, I am just a pine tree growing in a meadow, to most of you reading this story. more »»

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 2016 Seventy-five years ago today, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, our country was attacked on a warm Sunday morning. more »»

A Killing Frost

November 16, 2016 Last Friday night, the first killing frost set upon the land around our home. more »»

Dogwood Ghost: Part Three of Three

November 2, 2016 The Rose of Virginia made good time to Wheeling, where the dock’s roustabouts then unloaded her cargo. more »»

Democracy and the Right to Vote, A “Through The Lens” Special

November 2, 2016 Next Tuesday, those of us that vote, will cast our popular vote for a new president — a process we repeat every four years in America. more »»



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