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Do You Hear What I Hear?

December 20, 2017 The title of my story gives you an idea that my words this week will be about Christmas Music. And when I ask if you hear what I hear, it is near impossible to answer “no” at this time of yea. more »»

Memories of Christmas Trees Past

December 13, 2017 Christmas is only a short time away, and most of us have been busily preparing for the special day. For most of us, part of that preparation is the custom of bringing a Christmas tree into our home. more »»

Mayor Robert Bruce

December 6, 2017 Recently I attended a ceremony to honor a man whose name many of us recognize — Robert Bruce. The ceremony was held on a dark and cold Sunday evening at the Wetzel County Museu. more »»

Memories of Radio Tubes

November 29, 2017 Recently Mary and I traveled to an antique flea market in nearby Pennsylvania. It has been many years since we attended the antique fair, and it has changed since were there 20 years ago. more »»

Along The Way, Lessons Learned

November 15, 2017 Each of us, most likely, has been influenced by teachers. They are those people who chose to make educating others their life’s work. more »»

Ektachrome and Me

November 1, 2017 As those of you who have read my stories for the last dozen years know, I enjoy photography. That simple fact is why I named my column, “Through the Lens. more »»

The Thunder Returned

October 4, 2017 If you were anywhere near the downtown area this weekend, you heard the unmistakable sounds of racing boats. more »»

Party Lines, Porch Swings and Screen Doors

September 20, 2017 I grew up in a time when party lines, porch swings and screen doors were very much part of most people’s homes. more »»

The Legend of Dick Brookhover’s Elephants

September 13, 2017 In July, I wrote a story about the great elephant race on Main Street. more »»

Catfish Jack's Jar Of Toes: Part 8 of 8

September 6, 2017 As I sat there on my porch, listening to Sam Clemens story, I will admit it gave me a since of uneasiness. The thoughts of great monster fish below the river surface gave me pause. more »»

Catfish Jack’s Jar of Toes: Part 7 of 8

August 30, 2017 The last few weeks I have been telling you the story Samuel Clemens chronicled to me. more »»

Catfish Jack's Jar Of Toes: Part 6 of 8

August 23, 2017 While Samuel sat next to me, he had dozed off while telling the story of Catfish Jack. Then, with a start, he awakened to look at me and began his story once again, as if he had not stopped.. more »»

Catfish Jack's Jar of Toes: Part 5 of 8

August 15, 2017 Last week my friend Samuel Clemens was telling me about Jack and Crow as they boarded a train and headed south to see a friend. more »»

Catfish Jack’s Jar of Toes: Part 4 of 8

August 9, 2017 If you remember from last week, my friend Samuel Clemens was telling me the story of Catfish Jack. As he sat next to me he continued the story... more »»

Catfish Jack’s Jar of Toes: Part 3 of 8

August 2, 2017 Samuel sat back in his chair, enjoying his cigar, as he began telling his story once again. He remembered Crow’s cousin, Birdy, and how he had found them a cow hide to cover their wooden fish. more »»

Catfish Jacks’ Jar of Toes: Part 2 of 8

July 26, 2017 A Summer Short Story Series If you remember last week, my old friend Samuel stopped by as I was relaxing in the late evening’s sun on the porch. more »»

Catfish Jack’s Jar of Toes: Part 1 of 8

July 19, 2017 A Summer Short Story Series Recently a friend asked if I had heard any more river stories about Jack Winkles. He was referring to four-toed Jack, the expert catfish hunter. more »»

The Great Elephant Race

July 13, 2017 A while back I was talking with Don Mason about one of my stories. A comment was made about how he believed that I enjoyed writing about the “Old Days.” I agreed with his commen. more »»

Along the Way with Pastor Vic

July 6, 2017 For much of my life I have viewed the world through the lens of a camera. By my own choice or at the request of others, I have focused it at an uncountable list of events for the last fifty years. more »»


June 21, 2017 If you watched any newscast last week you learned that Batman passed away. Adam West played the caped crusader back in the 60s for several television seasons. more »»



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