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New Year’s 2010

December 30, 2009 With the rising of the sun this Friday morning, we will welcome in the second decade of the 21st centur. more »»

Angel In The Chiffarobe, Part Four of Four

December 22, 2009 Sarah was rolling crust for her apple pie when she heard the big horn at the mine sound. She knew something was terribly wrong and Will was in the mine. more »»

Angel In The Chiffarobe, Part Three of Four

December 16, 2009 Sarah and Will did not have the five dollars to send for the package of materials to train someone to read braille. They would have to work extra to earn the money. more »»

Angel In The Chiffarobe, Part Two of Four

December 9, 2009 Wenna’s words each night may not have reached beyond the hilltops of the small valley and worried her parents, but they knew for their young daughter to ever read was unlikely. more »»

Angel In The Chiffarobe

December 2, 2009 Christmas was to be here in just one day. It was a special time of the year even in the shanty homes alongside the slow moving creek. more »»

The Blessing Of The Day

November 25, 2009 Tomorrow we will once again sit down at a table with family and this year’s holiday dinner. more »»

From Helping Hand Food Pantry

November 25, 2009 Special thanks to Boy Scout Pack 102 from the New Martinsville United Methodist Church and to Troop 149 from New Martinsville’s First Presbyterian Church. more »»

Above The Riffle, Part Four of Four

October 28, 2009 Sam did not own a dress suit. A white shirt with worn cuffs and a hand me down faded black tie is all he ever needed when he went to Sunday meetin’. more »»

Above The Riffle, Part Three of Four

October 20, 2009 The next day Sam raced to return to the place above the riffle. But it was different than ever before. He did not stop and play in the water that swirled behind the stones. more »»

Above The Riffle

October 14, 2009 It was early June and the school year had just ended. more »»

Above The Riffle, Part One of Four

October 7, 2009 Sam often remembers that special summer of his sixteenth birthday. It resides close in his memory as if it were only yesterday. more »»


June 24, 2009 It is June and summer has arrived once again in West Virginia. The calendar has officially welcomed the warm months of summer. more »»

The Story Teller

June 10, 2009 The Native American People of our country used no written language. Their history and culture was passed from generation to generation by only the spoken word. more »»

Nine Inch Headlines

May 27, 2009 When you read the headlines from this week’s Chronicle you may be viewing the first moments of tomorrow’s history. more »»

Memorial Day 2009

May 20, 2009 May is the month that we have chosen to set aside as a day to honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service for their country. Memorial Day is by tradition on May 30 of each yea. more »»


February 18, 2009 This story is about the world of numbers that surrounds us each day. Numerical symbols help to give our lives order through information and guidance. more »»

Brown Auburn Glow

February 11, 2009 With the passing of years in a marriage, Valentine’s Day sometimes becomes lost in our everyday lives. Men rush into the discount store and buy a card or flowers for their wive. more »»


January 28, 2009 When you hear the word “cheater” what comes to mind? The kid that sat next to you in math class and copied your test answers. more »»

History’s Reflections

January 21, 2009 Perspective is a word we sometimes hear in our daily lives. I would like for you to take a moment and experience an exercise in perspective view. more »»


January 14, 2009 Next Tuesday at noon, President Elect Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States. more »»



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