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Emma’s Song: A Story of Love, Part 4

July 26, 2016 The old sergeant, before leaving, told Emma about a few hospitals that treated soldiers who could not communicate. This gave Emma new hope of finding Paul. more »»

Emma’s Song — A Story of Love, Part 3

July 20, 2016 Emma Nobel was devastated by the news of Paul being listed as missing in action, and Paul’s mother could not believe for the second time in her life, someone she loved had gone missing, with no... more »»

Emma's Song - A Story of Love (Part 2 of 5)

July 13, 2016 The sound of the approaching train’s whistle startled Emma as she stood holding Paul’s hand. He looked down at her face as snowflakes touched her pink cheeks. more »»

Emma’s Song A Story of Love, Part I

July 6, 2016 The next few weeks my story will be purely fictional. Think of it as summer time reading. The story will be based on a photograph I selected from my collection. more »»

Time Capsule Senior Letter

June 29, 2016 The construction of the Wetzel County Time Capsule Project broke ground last week. By the time you read this the concrete forms should have been put into place for the monument’s foundation. more »»

Time Capsule Letter From A Senior

June 22, 2016 The Wetzel County Time Capsule project is coming together and more people are showing interest in having their words placed inside. more »»

Senior Time Capsule Letters

June 15, 2016 The stories in my column for the next couple of weeks have been written by Wetzel County’s 2016 graduates. more »»

A Story of Books

June 1, 2016 On a Friday morning a few weeks back, New Martinsville Public Library celebrated its 70th year as being part of our communit. more »»

A Street Car For My Hometown

April 27, 2016 A long time ago, about 100 years, I have been told my Grandfather, Daniel Boone Cecil, (I remember him as “Pop”) worked on the trolley that ran along the river from Sistersville to New Martinsville. more »»

Return of the 17-Year Locust

April 20, 2016 In the upcoming month of May, when the ground temperature rises above 64 degrees Fahrenheit, the Periodic Cicadas will retur. more »»

Calendars, Clocks and Time, Part 6

March 30, 2016 This is the final part of the series where we looked toward the future. I have learned it can be sobering and challenging to view the world in 100 years. H.G. more »»

Calendars, Clocks and Time, Part 5

March 23, 2016 The country in the next hundred years must deal with many complex financial questions. more »»

Calendars, Clocks and Time — Part 4

March 15, 2016 This week I have asked individuals whose chosen careers may give then some insight into the future. They each have agreed to look forward and share with us their thoughts of the world in 2116. more »»

Calendars, Clocks and Time, Part 3

March 9, 2016 We are halfway along our trip through time, arriving in the present — 2016. In the last story, we looked at the world as it was in 1916. One hundred years later things have changed. more »»

My First Love

February 10, 2016 With Valentine’s Day this Sunday, I thought I would tell you about my first love. If you see Mary don’t say anything about our little secret. You see, my first love was an older woman. more »»

Forecast of the Whistle Pig

February 3, 2016 Early yesterday morning, as the winter sun touched the horizon, an important event took place. more »»

$2 Dream

January 20, 2016 If you are like millions of others in our country, you reached into your pocket and found two dollars and bought a lottery ticket when the prize reached $1.6 billion. A billion with a CAPITAL “B. more »»

Mayberry Lost

January 13, 2016 On any given day of the week, if I search long enough, I can find the Andy Griffith show playing on television. It has been nearly 55 years since the first episode aired in 1961. more »»

A Zebra of Green

December 30, 2015 We are in the time between Christmas and New Year’s. A time, when the glow of outside Christmas lights have grown dark with the passing of the holiday. more »»

Miracle of the Snow Mouse, Part 3

December 23, 2015 It was Christmas Eve and in just a few hours Santa would return to New Martinsville. more »»



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