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Bad News / Good News

September 1, 2010 Someone told me the other day, “No offense, but I don’t buy the newspaper or watch television news because it’s all bad news. more »»

The Sound Of Music

August 25, 2010 I love music. more »»

End Of Summer Blues

August 18, 2010 It seems like every year by about mid-August I get in a funk. I’m just irritable and not very happy. Honestly, I don’t like being this way as I’m generally an upbeat person. more »»

If I Had A Million Dollars

July 28, 2010 A week or so ago our office radio broadcast the tune “If I?Had A Million Dollars” by the Barenaked Ladies, a Canadian band. more »»

A Sign?

July 20, 2010 Whenever I am covering an event for the Wetzel Chronicle that involves a lot of photos and movement, like a festival or a parade, I usually keep a notecard or folded piece of paper in my pocket to... more »»

Fair Season

July 14, 2010 It’s summer and the fairs and festival are everywhere. Personally, I love attending various events and one of my favorites is happening this Saturday in New Martinsville. more »»

The Mighty Marauders

July 7, 2010 Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. —Helen Keller My cousins, the Montville Marauders can certainly say that they are living life, even by Helen Keller’s standards. more »»

Montville Marauders

June 30, 2010 If you are reading this column on Wednesday, then almost half-a-world away some relatives of mine are either preparing for or beginning the journey of their lives. more »»


June 23, 2010 On Sunday morning my father-in-law, Walter Witschey, succumbed to the cancer that had taken root in his body approximately six months ag. more »»

Creative Fund Raising

June 16, 2010 I’d just like to take a moment to thank Wetzel Chronicle Sportswriter Bruce Crawford for all the hard work and heart he puts into our Relay for Life Team. more »»

A Different Kind Of Groupie

June 2, 2010 My dad once gave me an unusually harsh response when I said something to the effect that he was a “funeral groupie”. more »»

Life With A Three-Year-Old

May 19, 2010 My little girl is growing up and it is indeed fun to see all the changes. Now three-and-a-half, she is old enough to really understand things. . . more than I could ever imagine. more »»

Like Mother. . .

May 11, 2010 A few weeks ago my niece said her husband had mentioned that he wished he had known her grandmother, my mother, when she was still active. more »»

Touring Close To Home

April 28, 2010 My family and I have been so fortunate to have a couple relatives from Texas visit us during the past week. My aunt Kathy and cousin Katy have been here almost a week now and leave tomorrow morning. more »»

All For The Kids

April 21, 2010 An exciting program has come to Wetzel County and I sincerely hope all children ages birth to five will take part in it. more »»

How Do You Decide?

April 14, 2010 After attending two candidate forums in as many days and seeing maybe a total of 100 people in attendance, I keep wondering how voters decide for who they will cast their ballot. more »»

The Best Moment

April 7, 2010 We have all been on a basketball high lately and while our beloved Mountaineers didn’t prevail over Duke in the Final Four round of the NCAA tournament, I think our star player and coach provided th... more »»

Part Of The Team

March 31, 2010 There’s a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. And you know what? A lot of you have it too. more »»

Silly Sisters

March 24, 2010 This past weekend I was able to enjoy yet another time of fun and just plain silliness with my “sisters” at the 11th annual Sisters Fest in Sistersville. more »»

March Madness

March 17, 2010 I love sporting events that are playoff matches. They have so much more passion and enthusiasm than regular season play. more »»



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