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July 3, 2012 On Friday my sister Betsy and I decided to take my kids to the Marietta Aquatic Center for a day of fun in the su. more »»

Miracle Product? I Can Hope

June 27, 2012 The other day I saw a commercial for a facial moisturizer that boasts of having a 30 SPF (sun protection factor). I was amazed at such a high SPF in a daily lotion. more »»

Mr. Yuck At The Ready

June 20, 2012 My son Andrew is now 14 months old. For any of you who know much about babies, that means he is right in the middle of one of the toughest periods for parents. more »»

The Real Deal

May 30, 2012 While getting dressed for the day Friday, I got out my Fiesta Bowl t-shirt. It would be the second day in one week I had worn the favorite shirt -- usually reserved for Saturdays -- to wor. more »»

It’s Not Easy Being Green

April 25, 2012 I have come to the conclusion that my life would be much more neat, simple, and easy if I just didn’t care about the environment. The sad part is, I am far from the “greenest” person you know. more »»

From Darla Barttlet

April 25, 2012 I am very thankful to have the Ebert Brothers show in town. They had a great show Saturday night. Ray and Pat sang gospel songs. It was beautiful. They had several music acts. more »»

From George Friedline

April 25, 2012 Many young peoples’ lives are being changed as they continue to serve us in Afghanistan. They are our true heroes. Let us pray that all who come home will be greeted by the support that they deserve. more »»

24 Isn’t Enough

April 11, 2012 Ever feel like 24 hours just aren’t enough in each day? Well I certainly do lately. more »»

Tiny Stitches

March 28, 2012 My mother, an avid quilter, may not have taught me her skill, but she certainly taught me the marks of a good quilt. I admire perfect points in quilt piecing. more »»

Quick, Calm Thinking

March 21, 2012 In our office we have a scanner so we can hear if there is any breaking news, particularly of an emergent nature, that we nature need to cove. more »»

Just A Click

February 29, 2012 Some of you have been so kind as to tell me you enjoy reading my ramblings and have actually missed my column lately. more »»

I’m No Dorothy Hamill

February 8, 2012 Joellen has been asking to go ice skating for a while. Sure, our weather hasn’t been cold enough to create a natural skating rink, but Wheeling Park always has one ready for making figure eights. more »»

One Of My Favorites

January 18, 2012 How a person celebrates a holiday is a very personal thing. Sure, the biggies have some common traditions. You know, Christmas trees, Fourth of July fireworks, Easter egg hunts, and Valentine card. more »»

On The Dotted Line

January 11, 2012 I rode on the dotted line and survived. I’m talking about the dotted line on the map—you know that dotted line that indicates there is kind-of-sort-of a road in that area. more »»

Resolution Breaker

January 4, 2012 I just might be the worst New Year’s resolution keeper ever. It was only Jan. 2 when I had already violated one of my goals. Even worse, I didn’t even realize it until my sister questioned my action. more »»

Welcome Christmas

December 21, 2011 It’s crunch time. Only four more days until Christmas. . . that is if you’re reading this when the Wetzel Chronicle first comes out on Wednesday morning. more »»

Felici Yamidah!

December 7, 2011 If you think “Felici Yamidah’ means “Merry Christmas” in Mexican. . . you might be a redneck . . . or my five-year-old daughter. more »»

One Of Those Lives

November 23, 2011 The story of Zachary Taylor that first printed in the Wetzel Chronicle last week captured the hearts of many. more »»

A Deserved Honor

November 2, 2011 Just a few years ago. . . okay, more than just a few. . . I was fresh out of college and not quite sure what I wanted to do with my Communications degree. more »»

Breaking The Silence

October 19, 2011 Without going into the extensive details, our household has been going through a rather difficult patch this week. more »»



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