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Other News - In Other News

Other News

The Wetzel Chronicle receives many more items than we could ever print in the weekly newspaper. There just isn’t enough space for everything. That is why we mostly reserve our space only for items that are within the borders of Wetzel County or are very nearby. (The one exception is that we will print non-profit coming events from outside our service area as they do not take up much room and may be of interest to our readers.) However, there are often items that don’t make the cut that still might be of interest to our readers. That is why we’ve decided to start this blog, “In Other News”. Since the Internet is virtually limitless, we can find space for these items that would otherwise never make it into the pages of the Wetzel Chronicle. We hope you’ll find them informative and maybe even find some events in our outlying areas that are worthy of a little driving time.

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