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'Twas The Day After Christmas

December 30, 2009 - Miranda Stokes

I was pretty upset for a few days after a frustrating
incident at a local super store. While I first typed up a more harsh
post-holiday blog on the subject, my temper soon calmed and decided
it would be more enjoyable for me to write-and for you to read-if I
went in another direction. So I hope you enjoy my parody on Clement
Clarke Moore's famous Christmas poem as told through my experience
this past weekend.

'Twas the day after Christmas and all through the town
people were shopping and bopping around.
The shoppers were strung by their very last hair
in hopes that sale items would still be there.

The children were out enjoying their sleds
while visions of snow days danced in their heads.
and mammas in their worry and dads in their haste
looked for receipts and some gifts not defaced.

When out in the stores there arose such a ruckus
with endless lines of people amongst us.
Away from the counter I stood in that line
hoping the clerk would assist me just fine.

The mood in the store on this most frantic of days
made everyone quite aware that there would be delays.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear
but a space opened wide, I was almost in the clear!

With a bitter old worker, so snively and slick
I knew in a moment this would not be so quick.
More rapid than blue eagles the clerk wrote me off
telling me, "Your gift is no good here!" with a scoff.

Now hold it, now wait up! How now? What the dickens?!
Did she really just say, "There's no way, there's no fixin'"?
To the top of my lungs I wish I could have shouted,
"There's no way this is true-you madam are outed!"

Alas I was gutless and gathered my nixed gift
and continued to shop to give my spirits a lift.
So up to the sale center I combed through the things
and picked up some wrappings and boxes and strings.

And then in a twinkling I stocked up my cart
and strolled to the check-out at the super-mart.
But again I was met with frustrations galore
as the clerk told me some things were on sale no more.

"But it says 'half-off Christmas!'" as I pouted my lip.
"Not for these few things," she replied with a quip.
So I kindly asked for her to put my items away
for I had my fill of such lies for one day.

I came out of the store, not quite empty-handed
as I still had this lousy gift that had been reprimanded.
I drove away home wondering how that store could survive
with such poor service, treating us like we were five.

But it's understandably true that we all need a deal
to provide for our families, to provide a good meal.
But should necessity come at such a high cost
to feel as if all pride in one's work is lost?

We should be grateful for what we have, and what's more
we should cherish our blessings that don't come from a store.
So I'll take my unwanted gift and give it away
for someone else might like it, somewhere, some day.

I'll speak not a word more of the poor day that I had
and chat about things that make me quite glad.
Because being a grouch only makes you a grinch
and although I like green, I'd look sick inch to inch.

I hope that this tale leaves you with things for thought
and you'll see that Christmas is so much more than what you bought.
We all have bad days-just get them from our sight
Happy Christmas to all, now go hug someone tight!


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